Wednesday, February 24, 2016

BH Cosmetics Haul and Review: Nude Rose and Carli Bybel

Makeup hauls are bae.

Anyway, i've been ordering so much makeup lately because i've just been depressed with depressing things lately, and constantly reminding myself that time heals all... In the mean time, i've been focusing more on my passion (makeup), and it really gives me light and bursts of happiness when needed :) 

The USD to AUD exchange rate is harsh as fuck right now *sigh* , but even with that taken account of and compared to Australian drugstore cosmetic prices, this was still a deal and worth it because the quality of these palettes are quite impressive, and surpass any product quality in the Australian drugstore market right now. 

Shipping took i think, exactly 2 weeks, it was affordable too, think it was <$10 AUD, and thats impressive. 

Packing and shipment was 10/10 on point, everything was packaged exactly so it wouldn't break in the travelling process, came in a nice medium sized box :) tbh i actually love unwrapping secure packaging because the cardboard/ paper/ bubble wrap makes me feel like I'm unwrapping presents like a little girl again :p 

1. Nude Rose 
  • Packaging is amazing quality; a solid quality tin, magnetic closure 
  • Includes 12 rose neutral hues
  • Perfect for everyday wear, heck i've been wearing this everyday to prove it 
  • A classic collection of satins, matts and shimmers
  • The quality of these eyeshadows surpass the price you paid for. In saying that i'm not comparing them to eyeshadow qualities of Urban Decay, because they are on a whole other level of buttery quality
  • Definitely the best quality drugstore formula I've used, along with the eye shadows in the Carli Babel palette
  • Comes with a brush which i am absolutely loving! I'm also using it with eyeshadow palettes from other brands because the brush is just that versatile 
  • Pigmentation is build able, perfect for beginners, and formulas aren't chalky
  • Ahhh all in all, i love this palette so much, the shades are just so romantic yet everyday wearable 
10/10 for the price!! And perfect for beginners

2. Carli Babel 
  • 14 colour eyeshadow and highlighter palette 
  • "The mattes and shimmers makes it easy to go from amped up evening intensity to toned down daytime options"
  • God i fucking love this palette
  • Highlighters are on point 10/10. My favourite is the 2nd from the bottom right (3rd from the bottom left). In my opinion its the perfect dupe for Becca's champagne pop! The tiniest amount on your cheekbones, and you can see it from heaven. Fell in love asap! 
  • The packaging though is kind of disappointing, just typical fragile card box. Although this might be so the price would be as affordable as can be, which i forgive because for me its quality of product > packaging 
  • The colours are on point and are comparable to high end eyeshadows legit! I love this palette so much, and have been using the highlighters every single day! I can't wait till autumn/winter to start experimenting crazily with the mauve/ plum/ burgundy shades in the palette
  • The eyeshadows smell quite nice too, like a fresh smell haha i like smelling my cosmetics
  • BH cosmetic quality is just outstanding, and i do definitely think these eyeshadows surpass the price tag by double! 
10/10! Theres nothing more to add, i love it and everyone should get it :p 

I suggest you get both these palettes, though if only one, i'm definitely leaning towards the Carli Bybel palette more. 

Even if you're a bit of a high end snob, you won't be disappointed because i guarantee you will be using these palettes on a regular basis! I do now and thats saying a lot because i usually wear either urban decay, smash box or my lorac eyeshadow palettes everyday! 

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