Saturday, May 30, 2015


Hello! Long time no blog, i've been so busy with university lately =_= finals are in two weeks too sigh. Anyway on a lighter note, I've got two new circle lens reviews from klenspop i know you guys will enjoy hehe

I was sent the Color Plus Brown and Rose Mary Gray circle lenses and because they were of the same brand, i decided to just incorporate  them into one post!

Once again the shipping is extremely fast! In just under two weeks these arrived :D

Super cute packaging contents!

Close up of the lens bottle (same design for both lenses)


  • Brand: T.TOP
  • Diameter: 14mm (color plus brown) and 14.1mm (rose mary gray)
  • Graphic diameter: 13.6mm (color plus brown) and 13.3mm (rose mary gray)
  • Water content: 38% 
  • Base curve: 8.6mm (color plus brown) and 8.5mm (rose mary gray)
  • Lifespan: 1 year disposal
  • Country of origin: South Korea
  • Purchase the brown ones here! :) and the gray ones here
  • Both of these RRP price are $13, but are both currently on sale now for only $4!!! So grab them up!
Color and design of both lenses:
  • Because of the size diameter, they only enlarge the eyes slightly, and look very natural
  • The brown is very natural and i really do like how they make your eyes pop
  • I've gotten compliments on my eyes while wearing the color plus brown lenses, and no one realised they were lenses which is such a plus for me! 
  • I love how the lenses look natural and these do just the job
  • At first i thought the color plus brown might look a bit dramatic but are actually very natural on the eyes
  • The black ring on the color plus brown is what makes your eyes 'pop' 
  • I absolutely love these to wear both as every day lenses because of the slight enlargement
T.Top 2 Color Plus Brown Circle Lens

T.Top 2 Color Plus Brown Circle Lens, i love how natural they look!

T.Top 2 Color Plus Brown Circle Lens 

T.Top Rose Mary Gray Lens

T.Top Rose Mary Gray Lens in both eyes
Honestly, the grey isn't that noticeable because of my super dark eyes =_= but are definitely noticeable when I'm outside!

Comfort of both lenses:
  • Unfortunately, i actually found these lenses quite uncomfortable
  • The first few minutes of putting these lenses on, my vision at was a bit blurred at the outer edges of my pupil, you could see some of the color on the lenses
  • Gradually, your eyes do adjust to the lenses and you'll be able to see properly
  • I also felt the lenses in my eyes at all time, i constantly felt them move around
  • The comfort level may have had something to do with the low water content
  • Comfort wise, they're definitely not the best
  • Color wise, they are gorgeous and natural
  • Make your eyes 'pop', you'll get compliments :) because they look so natural!
  • However for the price right now, they're definitely worth it and you have nothing to lose! Only $4 right now!!!! 
  • Purchase the color plus brown here and rose mary gray here!!
Have you guys tried these lenses? What do you think? If you haven't, why don't you pick them up? They're only $4 on sale right now so theres nothing to lose! :)


  1. Chintya MarchelineMay 30, 2015 at 5:40 PM


    hey visit my blog back. I'm a new food blogger in my country. hope you like it :DD

  2. They look very pretty, too bad they're not comfortable :(


  3. yep i love them, but can't stand them after a few hours :(