Monday, April 20, 2015


Oh my god. Can i just say that every single asian female out there needs this item in their life!

Long time no post! University and life has really been catching up to me and thus, my blog got neglected :'( But I'm back! Well i hope :)

When i was in Japan earlier this year i made sure to pick up the all time raved Shu Uemura eyelash curler. I got this from Donki in Tokyo, or Don-Quijote, however you like to call the store. It was 1200 yen, but then i saw it in Matsumoto Kiyoshi later on for much cheaper around 600-700 yen? haha but it was too late, i already snatched it up from Donki :) But anyways, still an amazing price because I'm pretty sure it retails for $30 here in Australia in David Jones =_=

I just want to say the quality of this eyelash curler is absolutely outstanding, and worth so much more than the price!

They also gave you a spare eyelash curler band when the one on the curler wears out!


  • It legit gives you crazy long lashes. i have no idea how it does that. Even my old eyelash curler which i thought was great and gave you great lashes compared nothing to Shu Uemura!
  • The curl actually stays on all day!
  • Quality is absolutely top
  • The design of the curler is really amazing quality. I'm always surprised how they create almost high end quality products for such an affordable price
  • Shu Uemura eyelash curlers are a god
  • An absolute holy grail 

  • What disadvantages? 
  • NONE

  • Will buy over and over and over again!
  • God i love Japanese cosmetics 
Guys if you don't have this eyelash curler you need it in your life, you have no idea what you have all been missing out on! 


  1. Omg I really need to get this! :) I've seen Pony with it and it just caught my eyes c:
    Are you Japanese?

  2. its seriously the most amazing eye lash curler ever!
    and nope, I'm chinese! :D

  3. I thought it'd be useless but after buying it, I'll never use another eyelash curler :DD

    Btw I followed you <3 Feel free to follow me back too ^^

  4. i know right, this eyelash curler is my holy grail! :D
    I followed you back as well :)