Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I absolutely love Innisfree products and i needed to pick this up because its been so highly raved! It was less than $10 AUD!! You can't find anything that matches its quality for the price here in Australia. 8.5grams of goodness! This will last you quite a while! 

What It Claims:
  • Oil controlling
  • Shine controlling 
  • Skin perfecting powder
  • Blots away excess shine and make skin matte
  • Sebum control
  • Sebum absorption 
6 Free Formula (Has none of these ingredients found in a lot of cosmetic products):
1. Parabens
2. Talc
3. Mineral Oil
4. Artificial Dye 
5. Animal Ingredients
6. Synthetic Fragrance 

  • All natural, which is what i love about Innisfree. I have been breaking out like crazy and i really have no idea why. My skin was so clear for so long, nekminnit =_= 
  • Because of the natural ingredients, which my skin loves it hasn't broken me out at all
  • White translucent powder which i love because i don't need to worry about skin colour matching!
  • Pretty amazing at absorption of sebum/ oily face from sweaty 
  • Leaves skin matte
  • Does not leave a white cast 
  • Lightweight, small, portable, travel friendly, more convenient than the powder
  • Great for touch ups every few hours or so 
  • I haven't noticed any pore clogging, something i always seem to get from powders because my pores are so damn large

  • Extremely faint, fresh scent
  • So it won't irritate anyone who doesn't like scent (like me) 

  • It emphasises dry patches on your skin... so i may have to stop using this during winter. seriously, i didn't know i even had dry patches in some areas of my face till i patted this on. But other than that, its the only con i have. But then i have a problem with every single powder product i've ever used to emphasise my dry skin... 

Anyway, has anyone else used this product? And what do you think about it? :) I'm curious about your opinions because it has been so highly raved about! 

Oh and anyone recommend a powder that DOESN'T emphasise dry skin? I haven't seem to run across one yet :( 


  1. Sounds like a great product, very affordable as well! I'd love to try this one out, especially to deal with oily skin in the summer :)


  2. Ahh thanks for reviewing this *V* I dont use face products but I see how one is attracted to this C:

    Jessie @ bijou-heart: Newest Post~ Week in a Nutshell and Poems

  3. its great if you have oily skin!

  4. yes! Can't really go wrong with the price :)

  5. I've got the loose powder version c: But I've been eyeing the compact version for a long time! Thanks for reviewing it!
    Btw I followed you on bloglovin!

  6. the compact is extremely convenient for travel!
    i followed you back too! :)

  7. My skin gets really dry in winter so I might not use this product then. In summer however my skin will get oily (sigh) so I will probably re-look:)