Monday, March 23, 2015

REVIEW: Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick in No.10 Daisy Coral

Long time no post! I've been super busy with life ever since i landed a part time job, began yet another semester of university and well life in general. But my time management is under way and i finally have a new review for you all! 

Anyway i've found a new favourite everyday lipstick, not surprising being Innisfree because they always have the best formulas for lipsticks for the price you pay!

This lipstick caught my eye because of its unique peachy/coral colour and if you know me, i love peachy corals! 

  • minimalistic, sleek, slim, long
  • comes in their typical recycled paper package which i love

  • a coral-pink colour
  • not too bold, neutral enough for everyday wear
  • isn't matte, glossy finish 
  • the colour in the tube looks super bold and bright, but really is more neutral 
  • starts at a low/medium coverage, but is definitely buildable which is what i love about it
  • you can tell how bold and pigmented it can get from from my lip swatches
  • doesn't accentuate flaky bits with one or two swipes, they do start to eventually become obvious with the more swipes you do
  • very creamy
  • moisturising like a lip balm, so i don't usually need to apply lip balm before its wear 
  • think of it as a very pigmented lip balm 
  • a very slight floral scent, it isn't overpowering at all, and you tend to forget about it soon after
Wear Time
  • just like any lipstick, it will slowly fade throughout the day and leave lip stain marks on your drinking cups
  • 2 hours max with eating and drinking
  • 4 hours with minimal touch, with a gradual fade 
  • the staying power isn't comparable to their lip tints, which are much more long-lasting because they leave a bit of a stain, whereas the color glow lipsticks don't 
Picture of me wearing the colours / lip swatches

  • 4/5
  • i will repurchase, and am thinking of buying more colors from the range when i save up
  • very creamy, moisturising, and neutral enough for everyday wear
  • constant re-application, so do not recommend for those who don't like constantly reapplying their lipstick

Have you guys tried this? What did you think? :) 


  1. Wow, the colour looks much darker on you than on the actual tube and it works. This looks like it'd be the perfect natural colour on you!!

  2. aww thankyou so much! My lips very pigmented so bright colours don't show up as bright :)