Monday, January 12, 2015

Travel Tips Pt. 1: Whats In My Carry On Bag / Essentials For The Long Plane Ride

Since I'm starting my Asia trip tomorrow, i decided to do a two part travel tips series. The 2nd part will focus on what i will be putting in my makeup bag + skincare. This part will focus on how i stay sane on long trips, this time a 14hr one.... yes that long. Well to be fair i'll have a 3hr stop over. I'll be travelling to Japan, Hong Kong and China, and will definitely be doing blog posts and hauls when i come back.

1. Neck Pillow
I'm pretty sure anyone who has ever boarded an airplane in an economy class has experienced painful, uncomfortable neck pain. Or waking up in the most awkward painful position for you neck. Invest in a neck pillow, they only cost a few bucks and saves your neck dearly! I got mine as a gift from etude house in Hong Kong last year!

2. Empty Water Bottle
I recommend the Vapour bottle but any empty bottle will work! Just fill up your water on the plance. Airplane rides can dehydrate your skin and body dearly and the Vapur bottle is so ergonomically friendly and convenient!

3. Wallet
This is the most obviously and needs no explanation, perfect for your passports, ID etc.

4. Hair Tyes
Not sure about the rest of you, but i hate it when my hair is all over my face when sitting in such a squishy seat! I always have a few around my wrist to tie up during the flight.

5. Toothbrush and Toothpaste
I know its not essential, but when the flight is extra long, you want to feel refreshed and happy when you exit. Whats better then fresh teeth :)

6. Travel Sickness Medication
I know it doesn't to apply to all of you (lucky people!!) but i get motion sickness on planes and boats and sometimes even public transport =_=. But what can you do about genes, so i make sure to always take medication before and during a flight!

7. Travel Size Dettol
When i'm cramped in such a small space, especially in a crazy long flight, i start to feel more dirty. Maybe it has to do with the fact i'm a slight germaphobe... But occasionally rubbing a instant hand sanitiser like dettol on my hands makes me happier.

Do you guys think i'm missing anything? What essentials do you take on the plane with you?


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