Thursday, January 1, 2015


Sorry about the tube looking half used up, i've just been putting the review off, but after going through several tubes of this, i needed to let everyone know its my no.1 for false lashes, and that this glue is definitely underrated!

When i first started wearing false lashes, this was the first proper lash glue i used, and till this day it has beat all other glues i've used. I'm not too quite sure of the price but i remember it was only a few dollars with free shipping on eBay.

Why this is my favourite false lash glue/ Pros:

  • Comes out white but completely dries clear
  • Not diluted and watery like others
  • It lasts several months, whilst wearing false lashes daily, or whenever i'm out for the house for work, uni, going out
  • I used to have pretty oily eyelids, and still kind of do, but this was the only glue back then that would stick to my eyes all day!
  • Easily removed with water
  • When you remove the glue, you just peel it off, it comes off in one strip. I love this because with other glues, you always have to pick the glue off the lashes which really annoys me because it can damage the falsies
  • You aren't left with any glue residue on your eyelids
  • None
  • I can't wait to stock up on them on my Japan trip this month!! I'll be gone in exactly 13 days!!
  • I recommend this glue especially for oily lids, if you want convenience of removing the glue from the false lashes and if you want your false lashes to last all night partying till morning, through sweat and humidity!
  • I rate it 5/5
So tell me what are your favourite lash adhesives/ glue?

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  1. Super love this glue too!! Dolly wink Eyelash Adhesive is really bad and cost like $18!! Shiseido's glue is really nice!!

    ChocoKittieHK holidays
    xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽