Monday, January 12, 2015

Travel Tips Pt. 1: Whats In My Carry On Bag / Essentials For The Long Plane Ride

Since I'm starting my Asia trip tomorrow, i decided to do a two part travel tips series. The 2nd part will focus on what i will be putting in my makeup bag + skincare. This part will focus on how i stay sane on long trips, this time a 14hr one.... yes that long. Well to be fair i'll have a 3hr stop over. I'll be travelling to Japan, Hong Kong and China, and will definitely be doing blog posts and hauls when i come back.

1. Neck Pillow
I'm pretty sure anyone who has ever boarded an airplane in an economy class has experienced painful, uncomfortable neck pain. Or waking up in the most awkward painful position for you neck. Invest in a neck pillow, they only cost a few bucks and saves your neck dearly! I got mine as a gift from etude house in Hong Kong last year!

2. Empty Water Bottle
I recommend the Vapour bottle but any empty bottle will work! Just fill up your water on the plance. Airplane rides can dehydrate your skin and body dearly and the Vapur bottle is so ergonomically friendly and convenient!

3. Wallet
This is the most obviously and needs no explanation, perfect for your passports, ID etc.

4. Hair Tyes
Not sure about the rest of you, but i hate it when my hair is all over my face when sitting in such a squishy seat! I always have a few around my wrist to tie up during the flight.

5. Toothbrush and Toothpaste
I know its not essential, but when the flight is extra long, you want to feel refreshed and happy when you exit. Whats better then fresh teeth :)

6. Travel Sickness Medication
I know it doesn't to apply to all of you (lucky people!!) but i get motion sickness on planes and boats and sometimes even public transport =_=. But what can you do about genes, so i make sure to always take medication before and during a flight!

7. Travel Size Dettol
When i'm cramped in such a small space, especially in a crazy long flight, i start to feel more dirty. Maybe it has to do with the fact i'm a slight germaphobe... But occasionally rubbing a instant hand sanitiser like dettol on my hands makes me happier.

Do you guys think i'm missing anything? What essentials do you take on the plane with you?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

False Eyelashes 101

I absolutely love false lashes and have actually become a bit of a hoarder :p. I'm sure most of us asian gals here can relate to the miracle it provides, being born with practically no lashes ._. So having worn so many different types and styles for so many years, i decided to do a mini guide to help out some of us who may be new to them!

There are 3 types of false eyelash types

1. Mink Lashes

  • The most expensive and are made with mink fur
  • I find them the best quality but also the most sensitive
  • For e.g. the lashes by Velour retail for around $35. An insane price, but can be used up to 25 times
  • Feel light and very comfortable on the eyes
  • However they also seem to be the most sensitive with the hair easily falling off if not taken care of. E.g. harshly pulling the glue off the lashes 
  • It is also not recommended to put mascara on them to extend their wear. They are after all the most sensitive kind of falsies
  • Range from very natural to dramatic

2. Human Hair

Credits to ekiblog

  • These are averaged priced, definitely affordable
  • For e.g. House of Lashes, Ardell and Red Cherry ones are around $9 a pair
  • Might not be for you if you're a bit creeped out of the thought of wearing other people's hair 
  • Can be worn 5-8 times
  • Amazing quality
  • Range from very natural to dramatic

3. Synthetic Lashes

Credits to ekiblog

  • These are generally the cheapest
  • You can get no brand ones off Ebay for as cheap as $1 for a box of 10 pairs
  • Because of the price, some styles can be really ugly. You get what you pay for
  • The higher the price, the higher the quality
  • I recommend to avoid thick bands ones, as they are the most uncomfortable 
  • Clear band ones are the best and most comfortable
  • Not as sensitive as say, Mink or Human hair lashes, so you can be more harsh with them
  • Great for beginners!
  • You can use them up to 5 times for each use.
  • However for the cheaper no brand ones, i usually toss them out after 1-3 uses
  • Japanese synthetic lashes however, are amazing quality! There are a crazy range of styles ranging from extremely natural to the most dramatic. 
  • Japanese falsies also seem to be the most comfortable
  • Quality Japanese brands range from Dolly Wink, Melliesh, Diamond Lash, Vanilla Birthday, etc. There is an infinite amount. I'll do a haul when i'm back from Japan
There are 2 types of eyelash glues
  • The most popular brand of eyelash glue seems to be DUO. I personally find them quite overrated, but they do they job well. They are available in both white and dark glues.
  • My favourite will always be the white Shiseido glue, and is the most affordable
  • The Velour eyelash glue however is great for those who are in a super hurry in the mornings. The glue already comes out tacky so you can pop the lashes on asap, without waiting 20 seconds for them to become tacky
1. Dark Glue
  • The glue comes out dark and dries dark
  • Great for those who wear a thick dark eyeliner as it blends in flawlessly 
  • However, i don't recommend them for beginners. It may become a bit messy when adjusting, as it does dry dark.
2. White Glue
  • This is my favourite type
  • Although it goes on white, it dries flawlessly clear
  • This means you can wear it without eyeliner and it still looks flawless
  • I recommend them for beginners. Even if you have trouble adjusting the lashes on your eyes at first, the glue dries clear so it won't be noticeable at all
Putting them on

1. Remove the lashes from the box by pulling or pushing down gently on the band, not the lashes or you'll end up damaging the shape or pulling the hairs off

2. If they're too long trim the length to fit. Lashes that are too long can make your eyes look super ugly. However, you cannot trim the width, so i recommend getting shorter width eyelashes if thats the case, especially if they touch your eyebrows. I like trimming from the outer corner, because depending on the style, the lashes usually look a bit strange when you trim it from the inner corner.

3. Apply the glue to the lashes focusing on the corners. Don't use too much or it won't dry clear (if your using white glue) or dry lumpy and ratchet looking (with the dark glue). Simply use your fingers or a tweezer

4. Let the glue get tacky for approximately 20 seconds. Shake, blow or whatever to speed up the process

5. Curl your lashes

6. Pop them on while looking down. Apply them as close to the lash line and push them in. Adjust them quickly before they dry

7. Put mascara on to blend the lashes. I recommend non-waterproof mascara as it is generally harder to remove while taking the lashes off.

8. You're done!! 

How to remove your lashes
  • If your glue says that it can be removed by warm water just simply, remove and pull off gently with facial cleanser in the shower
  • If not, makeup remover is your best bet. Use a cotton bud and rub against the band until the glue's stickiness begins to disintegrate 
  • Remove by gently pulling on its base from outer corner to inner tear duct
How to care for your lashes
  • Handle and clean with care and place them back into its box or a container
  • Getting rid of excess glue is important so bacteria doesn't grow and build up. You don't want an eye infection do you? Do this by gently soaking in makeup remover and pull off by holding the lash by its base

I hope this guide helped a few of you! What are your favourite brands or types of lashes?

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Vivi January 2015 Magazine Scans

If many of you don't know, Vivi is one of my favourite magazines and is probably one of the most popular fashion magazines aimed towards older teens and young women in Asia. I get my Vivi scans from JMagazineScans where people are generous enough to scan their copies and place them online for others to download and view. I thought i may share some of my favourite pages from the January 2015 issue this month, just because i really love this month's issue. All credits are of course from

What i love about Vivi magazine is that their fashion and makeup are trendy, yet simple enough for everyday wear, either for the office or college/ university.

i will also be in Japan from the 13th of January so this is a plus when looking for winter inspiration purchases when I'm there :p. Follow my Instagram here for photos and the such!

So do you think i should do more of these posts? Also what are your favourite magazines, whether its fashion, makeup or other related? 

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Sorry about the tube looking half used up, i've just been putting the review off, but after going through several tubes of this, i needed to let everyone know its my no.1 for false lashes, and that this glue is definitely underrated!

When i first started wearing false lashes, this was the first proper lash glue i used, and till this day it has beat all other glues i've used. I'm not too quite sure of the price but i remember it was only a few dollars with free shipping on eBay.

Why this is my favourite false lash glue/ Pros:

  • Comes out white but completely dries clear
  • Not diluted and watery like others
  • It lasts several months, whilst wearing false lashes daily, or whenever i'm out for the house for work, uni, going out
  • I used to have pretty oily eyelids, and still kind of do, but this was the only glue back then that would stick to my eyes all day!
  • Easily removed with water
  • When you remove the glue, you just peel it off, it comes off in one strip. I love this because with other glues, you always have to pick the glue off the lashes which really annoys me because it can damage the falsies
  • You aren't left with any glue residue on your eyelids
  • None
  • I can't wait to stock up on them on my Japan trip this month!! I'll be gone in exactly 13 days!!
  • I recommend this glue especially for oily lids, if you want convenience of removing the glue from the false lashes and if you want your false lashes to last all night partying till morning, through sweat and humidity!
  • I rate it 5/5
So tell me what are your favourite lash adhesives/ glue?