Saturday, December 6, 2014

Summer 2014/2015 Trend: Sunglasses

Summer has finally hit Australian shores, and the weather is sizzling and full blown! Its also been quite bipolar; in the day it'll be 40 degrees celsius, then perhaps it'll randomly decide to start storming and raining at night.... Who else has been experiencing this?

The hot and humid Australian weather has opened up beach season, which means a new pair of sunnies! I'll be talking about the most popular designs this year, and those of which i particularly love and are in my christmas wishlist! ;)

The Cat Eye
Thank Audrey Hepburn for revolutionising this style in the 1950s! 2014 as taken a slight spin on this, its more softer, but also still so dominant and feminine.

Tom Ford FT0173 NIKITA 01B

The Round Sunnies
Revolutionised by the 1970s by the hippies, its retro appeal has finally made a comeback!

Celine CL 41052/S Round 12E/5D

This was the style of the 1960s, and where the oversized sunglasses started and still stay to this day! Although it seems to have first appeared on men, it just makes it even more sexy when women rock these. Almost a mysterious, sexy, androgynous vibe.

Ray-Ban RB2132 Wayfarer 6053/71

I cannot express enough love for aviators, perhaps my personal favourite. Do you remember the 1986 Tom Cruise movie "Top Gun"? Yep thats where the trend started and became a massive hit in 2013 and still staying around this summer! They're oversized, sexy and mysterious, whats not to love?

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Large Metal W0879

Now tell me, which is your favourite?

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