Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hello basics 2! You're now officially my favourite palette ever! I was browsing when i ran across this palette for $35, which in Australia is quite cheap as it retails for $50 here and worse on eBay. Its definitely the perfect cool toned, everyday, matte, neutral eye shadow palette.

Australia is notorious for its overpriced cosmetics, especially exposed by the recent Sephora store that opened in Sydney just recently. Prices there ranged to 40-60% higher than in the US. Even with taxes and shipping considered, the prices there were still crazy! 

The Naked 2 Basics is essentially a cooler (toned) sibling of the basics 1 palette. I never ended up getting the 1st palette because the colours were too light and warm toned for me. I usually lean towards the cooler and darker colours, my everyday makeup could be perfect for clubbing haha, but i love wearing a slightly more dramatic eye look as my everyday makeup.

  • The case is a hard plastic, covered in some kind of thick, matte finish that doesn't leave fingerprints. You can tell its amazing quality and won't crack easily in your bag
  • Perfect size to put in your purse, not too small, not too large. I did kind of wish it came with a mini brush, like a mini version of the brush that comes with original naked palettes


Skimp: A simple, light ivory colour for the brow bone
Stark: Light peach colour, great as a base or transition colour
Frisk: Light cool toned taupe, perfect for a sweep over the lids
Cover: Light to medium red/brown under tone shade, also great for a sweep on the lids, or the crease
Primal: Medium to dark brown cool matte, great for the crease 
Undone: Dark matte brown, was seamlessly easy to blend considering i usually have to be careful, not the case here, happily surprised :). Its that colour on the outer third of your eye that creates the 'smoky' effect

Why this is my favourite palette/ Pros:
  • Buttery, silky texture just like the naked palette 3. I think they have the same formula actually. So if you have the naked 3 and contemplating about getting this palette, they have the same formula just different colours :) I don't own the first two naked palettes to compare to, but would love to have them in my collection in the future
  • Finely milled shadows
  • There is no hint of chalkiness that you get with poor quality shadows
  • I just can't get over the quality of the shadows! It is so worth the high price
  • It glides on your eyes effortlessly with the slightest pressure
  • Amazingly blendable. Even if you put too much on, it can easily be blended out
  • Amazing pigmentation and colour payoff!
  • Lasts through sweat, crazy nights out and sleep. I accidentally passed out once with these eyeshadows on and when i woke up they didn't seem to budge at all
  • Smudge proof, waterproof, just amazing staying power
  • None!!
Overall thoughts:
  • Everyone get this palette! It will be all you need for an every day neutral eye look that can be played down for a natural look or up for a crazy night out!
  • Multiple uses: you don't have to only use it as eyeshadow, its also great as an eyebrow shadow and for contouring 
  • I rate it 5/5
Anyone else own any naked palettes or this one by any chance? Would like to know what you think about them :)


  1. Loved the review! I've been meaning to purchase this palette and this review has been very helpful :)