Thursday, December 18, 2014

REVIEW: TonyMoly Luminous Bright Aura CC Cream

I bought this in my Beautynetkorea haul quite a few months ago, and after using for a while, i've made up my mind on what i think of this product.

I've tried numerous CC creams and for some reason all have disappointed, none have lived up to the claims they've made, including this one.

I bought this product because of other people's results, what it claims to do and the affordable price.

The color that comes out of the tube is a light yellow.


  • Color change
  • SPF 20 +++
  • Moisturiser
  • Primer
  • Make-up Base
  • Dewy effect (Current trend in Korea)
  • Glossy
My experience with the product:
  • SPF lives up to its claims
  • Great as a makeup primer, seems to give my foundation a glowing effect and a smoother application
  • I feel that throughout the day with this product on, my foundation doesn't end up melted as usual
  • I can see that it does give a dewy finish, but with my skin tone, it could look like a white cast
  • I love the smooth finish it gives to your skin
  • NO color change. Why do all the CC creams claim they color change to your skin, when it might only do so for pale skin tones. It left me with a crazy white cast on my face =_=. But the good thing is it disappears when you layer your foundation on top
  • It emphasises pimples, acne and dry skin LARGELY. The product will embed a white colour into your dry areas so stay away if you have dry skin. It will look like you have random white patches on your face =_=. It will however go away if you layer foundation on top
  • VERY hard to spread across your face
  • Leaves your face feeling kind of sticky, that feeling where you can feel a product on your skin
  • Horrible to use alone if you have dry skin and a tanned skin tone like me
  • I only use it as a makeup primer because it surprisingly works great for that use
  • The product should've been marketed as a primer, i saw no CC cream results from this product
  • I have to emphasise how smooth of a foundation application after this product is
  • Stays on your skin for hours and keeps your makeup on
  • I think it will be AMAZING if your skin is light or pale
I rate it 2/5 because it didn't give me the CC cream it claims to produce for me

Maybe someone could recommend a CC cream for me, thats aimed for tanned skin tones :) 

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  1. Ohh I had been thinking of getting this~ ^ ___ ^
    But since there is no colour change I may have to skip it! ^ ^