Thursday, December 4, 2014

REVIEW: Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream

Being the most popular snail cream on the market for its price, i expected a lot more then i received! I tried to love this product i really did. I bought this product several months ago, have been religiously applying it everyday and have nearly hit the bottom so i think its time for a review.

Little history of snail cream:
  • Snails and humans share a lot of the same skin elements, in terms of levels of collagen and elasticity
  • Just like our skin, snails produce a serum packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, immune moderators, proteins, co-enzymes and cell- communicating ingredients. These are also the main ingredients of snail cream
  • The Hippocrates, also called the fathers of medicine, were the first to incorporate snails into skin care, especially for inflammation
  • Unlike humans, snails never have imbalances between their elastin and collagen because of their ability to constantly biologically produce something that constantly renews skin

Claims/ Contains:
  • High concentration of 92% snail extract
  • Repairs tired and ageing skin
  • Promotes skin repair
  • Fine wrinkle care
  • Helps wide pores
  • Moisture and nutrition
  • Elasticity 
  • Serves as an anti-bacterial product 

Snail cream has probably been the no.1 hit trend of 2014 in Korea. With so many benefits it claims to provide, why wouldn't it be?


  • Love it! Its very sturdy, and made out of thick amber glass. I am thinking it of keeping the container after for some kind of use, too much quality to throw out


  • Not sticky
  • Dries smooth
  • It feels slightly like mucus? Well what do you expect its snail :p , yet slightly watery at the same time
  • Fast drying
  • Not really any. You can't really notice it and completely disappears once it hits skin
Pros/ What good things it did to my skin:
  • Eliminate redness: I use it right after showering at night and my face is quite red. Once i apply it on, its almost gone and very relieving
  • Brightening: My pimple scars seem to have slowly began to fade 
  • Elasticity: Most noticeable thing I've gained from this product
  • Less pimples: less inflammation and faster healing, also great relief. I especially slab the snail cream on my pimples whenever i break out
  • Definitely promotes repair: my skin is now less sensitive and stronger than ever


  • Not moisturising: don't expect any moisturising elements
  • Does nothing for hydration and dry patches
  • Product is used up very quickly 
  • Patience is the key to results. The results started appearing after over a month of use
  • I think its a bit pricey for the results i got, and the cons above i expected more.
  • All the cons are what i expected to improve the most from this product :( 
  • Maybe my expectations are too high, but i expected heaps more from the raving
  • Won't purchase it again simple i would love to try a different brand
  • Will definitely purchase another tub of snail cream because it gave me positive results, but i will buy from another brand, simple just as i said before i like to try things
  • I do definitely recommend everyone to try snail cream!! Because it isn't a fad that doesn't work, it just needs time and patience to work, but i guess also depends on your skin condition


  1. awww, that's too bad it didn't meet your expectations! I just purchased it >__< Hope it'll work well with me >__<

    1. Definitely hope it works for me! My skin can just be pretty stubborn sometimes =_=