Wednesday, December 24, 2014

REVIEW: Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer

Remember the sudden trend with primers that suddenly popped up and is still going? With everyone saying how it kept their face on during hot days, i needed to try it but didn't want to invest into something high end yet, so this is what i ran in to. 

  • Blur imperfections
  • Refine skin texture
  • Extremely pale light pick and translucent
  • Silicon feeling, like most primers
  • Soft and velvety
What i thought:

  • Ugh it made my skin feel soo nice! A very velvety feeling
  • A silky soft finish
  • Amazing at keeping makeup on. I wore it the other night clubbing till 5am and my foundation was still on! Well of course not as fresh but doesn't leave that melted look LOL
  • Its very light
  • I was scared it was going to make me break out for some reason, but surprisingly not a single pimple appears :)
  • Foundation and rest of my face makeup glided on smoothly and blending was so effortless 
  • Smoothed out the dry patches on my skin. This helped my foundation application because sometimes foundation accentuates my dry patches, but this primer fixed that
  • Honestly not many cons
  • I didn't realise any difference in my imperfections being blurred at all, but that didn't matter at all because i was wearing foundation on top anyway
  • I can't get over how nice my skin felt!
  • Silky and soooooo velvety!
  • Rate it a 5/5
  • Definitely worth the money
So tell me, do you wear a primer, or what are your favourites?!

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