Monday, December 22, 2014

REVIEW: Clio Lipnicure in #1 Trouble Peach

Does anyone remember when the lime crime velvetines came out? They were a liquid lipstick that dried matte and once dried did not budge and lasted for hours, even through food and water. After that i remember different brands coming out with dupes and the CLIO Lipnicures especially caught my eye. Not only were they a hit in Korea, but they were a dupe of almost half the price of the velvetines. Anyway, i fell for the trend and bought what i thought was a gorgeous colour from the pictures, trouble peach.

  • "long lasting effect and high intensity colour"
  • Dries matte
  • Long lasting
  • Does not budge
  • Basically a liquid lipstick
  • Lasts forever, well for the whole day at least :p
  • VERY pigmented, by this, its like a coat of paint over your lips, cannot see your lip pigment under
  • Vivid and bright
  • Very bold
  • Doesn't bleed
  • Doesn't transfer
  • Nice scent (if your not a scent person, it disappears once its applied)
  • Very drying, i do not recommend this at all if you have dry chapped lips
  • Uneven coverage if you use a thick lip balm underneath
  • Needs to be applied fast, because once you apply you can't go over it again or it'll make your lips look very flaky 
  • Cannot be reapplied or your lips because it won't give an even coverage like a normal lipstick. This is where its no budging formula becomes a con. You cannot remove it without an oil based makeup remover
  • Throughout the day, bits will slowly flake off, making your lips look horrible
  • You need to keep your mouth open for atleast 30 seconds after applying. If not and you close them before its dried on your lips, it'll be very flaky and uncomfortable
  • Not a product where you can't feel it on your lips, you do feel a layer on your lips constantly throughout the day
  • This colour, trouble peach does NOT look like the pictures. In the pictures, the colour is more subtle, almost a pinkish nude but is actually a very fluro and bright colour in real life. I'm still not sure how to tone it down for an everyday look, because i really do like the long lasting formula
  • If the formula was improved, with the cons taken in, i would absolutely give this product a 5/5
  • The product is worth it once you master an even coverage and can put up with the dryness
  • I am going to purchase more colours, in more neutral tones, because i have to admit, even with so many cons, i do love the pigment and long lasting power.
  • I suggest carrying a makeup remover with you when you wear this, because once it starts to flake at the end of the day, your lips start looking unattractive and you'll start feeling self conscious and want to remove it. Plus you can always reapply with a fully new coat after removing! 
  • If your wondering where i purchased it, it was on eBay, for $10, the cheapest i've found for this product.
  • I rate 3/5 


  1. Ohh this is such a cute colour! ^ u ^

  2. Ive always wanted to try this product!