Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Wishlist 2014

Christmas is nearly here! I'm not so much excited about Christmas itself honestly because i've never really celebrated it, but more so the parties hehe. Anyways as a member of the female species, there is too many on my wish list. From makeup to clothing to anything pretty i'm going to try to sum it into five things so no one gets bored reading this blog post.

1. Urban Decay Naked Vault
Theres really nothing to explain, just look at it, every makeup lover's dream

2. The Horse Gold/ White/ Black Watch
I've recently developed an obsession with watches, and how classy yet simple they make any outfit look. I might gift this one to myself if it ever goes on sale... I'm a little tight on money right now.

3.  Kenzo KZ 3144 C01 Cat Eye Sunglasses
I'm still on the hunt for my perfect pair of sunglasses this summer and these seem up my alley. Just the price that seems to be out of range...
4. Playstation 4
I've been wanting one forever. I need to catch up on my much loved RPGs like all the final fantasy games from 13 up and c'mon after hearing the hype and trailers of Destiny, i need a PS4. You can keep a past girl gamer in the past forever :p 
5. Iphone 6 Plus or Iphone 6
Believe it or not i haven't changed my phone since 2012. I'm probably the only person of my generation that doesn't change their phone like half yearly. Anyway have you seen the selfie quality on the iPhone 6? I thinks its finally time for a phone change 

So tell me, what is on your christmas list this year? 

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  1. I would love to get the Naked Vault too~ ^ v ^
    I think it is on lots and lots of girls Wishlists this Christmas teehee! ^ 3 ^