Sunday, November 23, 2014

REVIEW: Etude House Correct and Care ( CC ) Cream in Glow

I bought the cc cream in #2 glow because of its 8 in 1multi functions! These are:
  • anti-aging
  • stress relief
  • hydration
  • whitening
  • sun protection
  • tone-up
  • smooth texture
  • luminosity
I bought this to use as a primer under my foundation because the winter weather had made my skin so harsh and dry and because of its SPF 30/PA++ 

Honestly i don't like it. 

  1. Contrary to what it says, it doesn't quite adjust to your skin tone. Well it kind of does but it leaves a white cast that is really noticeable. There are tiny beads in the cream that i guess when blended out with the cream adjusts to your skin colour, but not enough for my tan. I think that was the glow effect or dewiness the product was suppose to promote. Perhaps its because i'm too tanned which is a problem for me when it comes to Korean CC and BB creams, as well as foundation. They don't have my shade. However, i could see how it could work for pale skin tones, it'll blend out really nicely and leave a nice dewy looking finish. 
  2. The product is really rough to spread around the face. you need to apply quite some pressure,            and compares nothing to how smooth a moisturiser is.
  3. Did not provide any hydration to me. It emphasised my dry patches instead!
  4. How did this provide stress relief srsly? It would be safe to say it actually gave me stress =_=
I do think its great in the aspect of neutralising red tones. It lets me feel less conscious about my flaws because it does seems to even out my skin tone.

At the end of the day, i wouldn't purchase the cream again. It didn't match up to half of my expectations.

Overall, 2/5 


  1. Ohh it is too bad that this CC Cream did not work for you! ^ - ^
    Maybe you could use it as a Makeup Base? ^ w ^

    1. sadly :((((( i felt like i wasted my money because i was contemplating on purchasing it for a while, but i guess it just wasn't for my skin type :)