Thursday, September 4, 2014

Blue Makeup = Sexy?

I recently watched episode 17 of Korea's no.1 beauty show 'Get It Beauty'. I have always appreciated both western and eastern beauty, it might be because my culture and nationality coincide with both equally. Sometimes the show inspires me and teaches me, sometimes its almost obvious advertising or common sense and sometimes i end up daydreaming while trying to guess which girl has had her nose done.

There was a segment in this episode about current summer trends in Korea. What appealed to me was when they demonstrated how to wear blue makeup whilst still looking natural yet sexy. I found it interesting because i couldn't imagine the natural or sexy aspect of blue, the only colours i wear are neutrals. Blue isn't something that most people can pull off while still looking natural, bet most of us don't even have blue makeup in our collection right?

The problem with blue makeup is that it can be overwhelming and when worn on the eyes, as it accentuate tiredness associated with dark circle and eye bags.


  • If using a blue eyeshadow, make sure it has a silver undertone, this way it doesn't make you appear like a dark circle queen, plus the colour wouldn't stand out as much as opposed to a bold, bright blue
  • Tight line with a similar colour eyeliner and smudge it out slightly to blend with the eyeshadow
  • If also doing the waterline, use the same eyeliner and set the same silver eyeshadow on top to set the eyeliner and to make it look less harsh
  • Top off with mascara
  • A neutral lip would look best to stay safe, but if your feeling bold, a bright red lip will emphasise the sexiness by 10x 

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