Thursday, August 14, 2014

Peak Hour and Breakfast

Oh breakfast, you’re notorious for being skipped and ironically one of the most important meals. If your a night owl or always running for the train like me, you more than likely skip breakfast quite frequently (don’t lie). Sometimes my first meal starts as my afternoon meal, (i know its bad and damaging to my physical health!) but when your running around on a busy schedule all day its hard to fit in what your body is constantly needing. What i have been doing lately to try to kick this bad habit, is partially preparing breakfast the night before.

Chia seeds are an amazing energy booster and keeps you full for hours! (me at least) So what i’ve been doing the night before is to mix some chia seeds in with almond milk (i think the unsweetened vanilla flavour compliments the best), then place it in the fridge to set over night. The next day its turned into a pudding texture and tastes amazing when mixed with some frozen berries and Greek Yoghurt. Best thing is it only really takes 1 min to mix them all into a portable food container so you can eat it on the train or the car! You will feel light, energised and ready enough to take on your day.

  • Take it light and easy! Don’t eat anything that will make you feel bloated or is too heavy, it'll make you too full and sluggish, and you'll end up in a food coma at your desk
  • Simple foods! Nothing that will be fussy because no one has time to be spilling crumbs or dropping bits, especially if you’re usually in a crowded train like me
  • If you feel self conscious while people are surrounding you while eating, opt for foods that don't have a strong smell such as a salad

Don’t let our rushed mornings and busy schedules compromise out health!

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