Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hello basics 2! You're now officially my favourite palette ever! I was browsing when i ran across this palette for $35, which in Australia is quite cheap as it retails for $50 here and worse on eBay. Its definitely the perfect cool toned, everyday, matte, neutral eye shadow palette.

Australia is notorious for its overpriced cosmetics, especially exposed by the recent Sephora store that opened in Sydney just recently. Prices there ranged to 40-60% higher than in the US. Even with taxes and shipping considered, the prices there were still crazy! 

The Naked 2 Basics is essentially a cooler (toned) sibling of the basics 1 palette. I never ended up getting the 1st palette because the colours were too light and warm toned for me. I usually lean towards the cooler and darker colours, my everyday makeup could be perfect for clubbing haha, but i love wearing a slightly more dramatic eye look as my everyday makeup.

  • The case is a hard plastic, covered in some kind of thick, matte finish that doesn't leave fingerprints. You can tell its amazing quality and won't crack easily in your bag
  • Perfect size to put in your purse, not too small, not too large. I did kind of wish it came with a mini brush, like a mini version of the brush that comes with original naked palettes


Skimp: A simple, light ivory colour for the brow bone
Stark: Light peach colour, great as a base or transition colour
Frisk: Light cool toned taupe, perfect for a sweep over the lids
Cover: Light to medium red/brown under tone shade, also great for a sweep on the lids, or the crease
Primal: Medium to dark brown cool matte, great for the crease 
Undone: Dark matte brown, was seamlessly easy to blend considering i usually have to be careful, not the case here, happily surprised :). Its that colour on the outer third of your eye that creates the 'smoky' effect

Why this is my favourite palette/ Pros:
  • Buttery, silky texture just like the naked palette 3. I think they have the same formula actually. So if you have the naked 3 and contemplating about getting this palette, they have the same formula just different colours :) I don't own the first two naked palettes to compare to, but would love to have them in my collection in the future
  • Finely milled shadows
  • There is no hint of chalkiness that you get with poor quality shadows
  • I just can't get over the quality of the shadows! It is so worth the high price
  • It glides on your eyes effortlessly with the slightest pressure
  • Amazingly blendable. Even if you put too much on, it can easily be blended out
  • Amazing pigmentation and colour payoff!
  • Lasts through sweat, crazy nights out and sleep. I accidentally passed out once with these eyeshadows on and when i woke up they didn't seem to budge at all
  • Smudge proof, waterproof, just amazing staying power
  • None!!
Overall thoughts:
  • Everyone get this palette! It will be all you need for an every day neutral eye look that can be played down for a natural look or up for a crazy night out!
  • Multiple uses: you don't have to only use it as eyeshadow, its also great as an eyebrow shadow and for contouring 
  • I rate it 5/5
Anyone else own any naked palettes or this one by any chance? Would like to know what you think about them :)

Saturday, December 27, 2014

REVIEW: Etude House Vivid Long False Lashes

A very long due review, but better late than never right :p?! I picked these up at the Etude House store in Hong Kong right at the beginning of the year in January. These have become my favourite natural lashes and i would infinitely keep purchase them if they were cheaper per pair :'(. I have yet to find a dupe for these, so if anyone knows please comment below and tell me!

These are perfect everyday lashes because the criss cross design i believe looks the most natural and blended with your natural lashes. Its not too long either and become longer in the middle just like normal lashes.

I haven't tried the lash glue that comes with Etude House lashes so could someone tell me if its good?  Or if its those cheap, crap ones they usually through in with false lashes

  • The feel is extremely light and comfortable as well, which is surprising given the black band. Black banded lashes i find are usually really uncomfortable but you don't feel a thing with these! I sometimes have to check whether these lashes are still on by the end of the day simply because they are so comfortable you forget your wearing them!
However, you must be careful when taking lash glue off these. I accidentally pulled a few of the lashes off when i was rushing to pull the glue off :( :(
  • These are also very durable, you can get up to 10 wears at most (well for me) with these before the band becomes weird and you have to throw them out!
  • They fit asian lashes perfectly, well for mine at least! Don't need to cut them shorter at all!

  • The only con i have with them is the price... not sure how much they retail for but when i buy them on eBay its around $4 a pair, idk if i'm just cheap but its kind of pricy for me because i usually spend less on lashes. But i guess its worth it, but if anyone has tried these before and can give me a good dupe PLEASE tell me! :) 

I rate them 10/10

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

REVIEW: K-Palette 24HR Real Lasting Eyeliner (1 Day Tattoo) in Super Black WP Micro 0.05mm

I was super excited when my auntie got this as a gift from Hong Kong when she came to visit. I've always wanted to try K-Palette but its so overpriced in Australia and even online. It's one of the top 3 selling eyeliners in Japan and apparently sells one every 24 seconds!!??

What makes it a 24hr 'Tattoo'?
  • Waterproof
  • Super thin micro brush
  • Fibre
  • High water-resistant polymer molecule 
  • Unique conditioning formula
This eyeliner is perfect for those who loves drawing thin precise lines, or filling in lash gaps for a natural eye makeup look

What i thought:
  • I was crazy impressed by how thin the tip was! Its definitely only 0.05mm in thickness which is amazingly impressive
  • My camera quality was too bad to even focus how thin it was!
  • Japanese cosmetics have once again not failed to impress me!
  • Absolutely blown away by the quality
  • Can really draw lines as thin as 0.05mm!
  • Lasts all day, most waterproof products start to budge and smudge after 6 hours but wow at the end of the day, it was still there after trying to smudge it!
  • Definitely perfect for those who forget they are wearing eye makeup and wipe their eyes accidentally, because it'll still be there!
  • Super super extremely black and pigmented!
  • Glides on smoothly
  • Absolutely none
  • This product can't be more perfect for those that love natural makeup
  • Super thin line that lives up to its claim of 0.05mm
  • Everyone should have it in their collection
  • However i won't worry too much about purchasing it if you like your eyeliner thick, because its main functionality is its thin eyeliner application
  • Waterproof, smudge proof, budge proof 
  • I rate it 5/5
So tell me, has anyone else used this product before? Or anything from the K-palette range? I'll love to hear all about it!

REVIEW: Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer

Remember the sudden trend with primers that suddenly popped up and is still going? With everyone saying how it kept their face on during hot days, i needed to try it but didn't want to invest into something high end yet, so this is what i ran in to. 

  • Blur imperfections
  • Refine skin texture
  • Extremely pale light pick and translucent
  • Silicon feeling, like most primers
  • Soft and velvety
What i thought:

  • Ugh it made my skin feel soo nice! A very velvety feeling
  • A silky soft finish
  • Amazing at keeping makeup on. I wore it the other night clubbing till 5am and my foundation was still on! Well of course not as fresh but doesn't leave that melted look LOL
  • Its very light
  • I was scared it was going to make me break out for some reason, but surprisingly not a single pimple appears :)
  • Foundation and rest of my face makeup glided on smoothly and blending was so effortless 
  • Smoothed out the dry patches on my skin. This helped my foundation application because sometimes foundation accentuates my dry patches, but this primer fixed that
  • Honestly not many cons
  • I didn't realise any difference in my imperfections being blurred at all, but that didn't matter at all because i was wearing foundation on top anyway
  • I can't get over how nice my skin felt!
  • Silky and soooooo velvety!
  • Rate it a 5/5
  • Definitely worth the money
So tell me, do you wear a primer, or what are your favourites?!

Monday, December 22, 2014

REVIEW: Clio Lipnicure in #1 Trouble Peach

Does anyone remember when the lime crime velvetines came out? They were a liquid lipstick that dried matte and once dried did not budge and lasted for hours, even through food and water. After that i remember different brands coming out with dupes and the CLIO Lipnicures especially caught my eye. Not only were they a hit in Korea, but they were a dupe of almost half the price of the velvetines. Anyway, i fell for the trend and bought what i thought was a gorgeous colour from the pictures, trouble peach.

  • "long lasting effect and high intensity colour"
  • Dries matte
  • Long lasting
  • Does not budge
  • Basically a liquid lipstick
  • Lasts forever, well for the whole day at least :p
  • VERY pigmented, by this, its like a coat of paint over your lips, cannot see your lip pigment under
  • Vivid and bright
  • Very bold
  • Doesn't bleed
  • Doesn't transfer
  • Nice scent (if your not a scent person, it disappears once its applied)
  • Very drying, i do not recommend this at all if you have dry chapped lips
  • Uneven coverage if you use a thick lip balm underneath
  • Needs to be applied fast, because once you apply you can't go over it again or it'll make your lips look very flaky 
  • Cannot be reapplied or your lips because it won't give an even coverage like a normal lipstick. This is where its no budging formula becomes a con. You cannot remove it without an oil based makeup remover
  • Throughout the day, bits will slowly flake off, making your lips look horrible
  • You need to keep your mouth open for atleast 30 seconds after applying. If not and you close them before its dried on your lips, it'll be very flaky and uncomfortable
  • Not a product where you can't feel it on your lips, you do feel a layer on your lips constantly throughout the day
  • This colour, trouble peach does NOT look like the pictures. In the pictures, the colour is more subtle, almost a pinkish nude but is actually a very fluro and bright colour in real life. I'm still not sure how to tone it down for an everyday look, because i really do like the long lasting formula
  • If the formula was improved, with the cons taken in, i would absolutely give this product a 5/5
  • The product is worth it once you master an even coverage and can put up with the dryness
  • I am going to purchase more colours, in more neutral tones, because i have to admit, even with so many cons, i do love the pigment and long lasting power.
  • I suggest carrying a makeup remover with you when you wear this, because once it starts to flake at the end of the day, your lips start looking unattractive and you'll start feeling self conscious and want to remove it. Plus you can always reapply with a fully new coat after removing! 
  • If your wondering where i purchased it, it was on eBay, for $10, the cheapest i've found for this product.
  • I rate 3/5 

Friday, December 19, 2014

REVIEW: Kiss Me Isehan Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Powder Nose Shadow 02

Before i leave the house, even if I'm wearing no makeup, i need to do my eyebrows! Eyebrows frame the face and automatically make you look put together. I received this as a gift from my Auntie in shade 02 and i think i've used it long enough to give an accurate in depth review. I've always had a great interest in Japanese makeup and beauty so i was definitely excited to try this.

What i thought:
  • Don't purchase if you have really dark eyebrows like me but want to use the lighter shades in the palette to match your hair. It contrasts greatly and doesn't quite blend in. 
  • I recommend the Anastasia dip brow pomade and brow wiz. I use it in blonde and it blends in so nicely with my black eyebrow hairs. Anastasia is my no.1 for eyebrow products
  • The two lighter colours aren't very pigmented and i found that i needed to swipe a few times from the palette to build up colour
  • Colours can be chalky if you pack on too much
  • Not waterproof, will melt off in hot humid weather


  • This palette is great if you use a eyebrow concealer before hand, it blends in nicely and looks natural
  • The colours can be used as eyeshadow, but once again can appear a bit chalky
  • The darkest, third colour however is nicely pigmented and i recommend this if you have dark brown/black hair, it'll fill them in nicely 
  • The shades are lovely for nose contouring as well
  • Easy to use
  • Product doesn't use up easily
  • Great for beginners
  • Didn't match up to my quality expectations however
  • Multiple uses: eyebrow, nose contouring and as eyeshadows 
  • Affordable
  • Nice, matte colours
I rate it 2/5 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

REVIEW: TonyMoly Luminous Bright Aura CC Cream

I bought this in my Beautynetkorea haul quite a few months ago, and after using for a while, i've made up my mind on what i think of this product.

I've tried numerous CC creams and for some reason all have disappointed, none have lived up to the claims they've made, including this one.

I bought this product because of other people's results, what it claims to do and the affordable price.

The color that comes out of the tube is a light yellow.


  • Color change
  • SPF 20 +++
  • Moisturiser
  • Primer
  • Make-up Base
  • Dewy effect (Current trend in Korea)
  • Glossy
My experience with the product:
  • SPF lives up to its claims
  • Great as a makeup primer, seems to give my foundation a glowing effect and a smoother application
  • I feel that throughout the day with this product on, my foundation doesn't end up melted as usual
  • I can see that it does give a dewy finish, but with my skin tone, it could look like a white cast
  • I love the smooth finish it gives to your skin
  • NO color change. Why do all the CC creams claim they color change to your skin, when it might only do so for pale skin tones. It left me with a crazy white cast on my face =_=. But the good thing is it disappears when you layer your foundation on top
  • It emphasises pimples, acne and dry skin LARGELY. The product will embed a white colour into your dry areas so stay away if you have dry skin. It will look like you have random white patches on your face =_=. It will however go away if you layer foundation on top
  • VERY hard to spread across your face
  • Leaves your face feeling kind of sticky, that feeling where you can feel a product on your skin
  • Horrible to use alone if you have dry skin and a tanned skin tone like me
  • I only use it as a makeup primer because it surprisingly works great for that use
  • The product should've been marketed as a primer, i saw no CC cream results from this product
  • I have to emphasise how smooth of a foundation application after this product is
  • Stays on your skin for hours and keeps your makeup on
  • I think it will be AMAZING if your skin is light or pale
I rate it 2/5 because it didn't give me the CC cream it claims to produce for me

Maybe someone could recommend a CC cream for me, thats aimed for tanned skin tones :) 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Wishlist 2014

Christmas is nearly here! I'm not so much excited about Christmas itself honestly because i've never really celebrated it, but more so the parties hehe. Anyways as a member of the female species, there is too many on my wish list. From makeup to clothing to anything pretty i'm going to try to sum it into five things so no one gets bored reading this blog post.

1. Urban Decay Naked Vault
Theres really nothing to explain, just look at it, every makeup lover's dream

2. The Horse Gold/ White/ Black Watch
I've recently developed an obsession with watches, and how classy yet simple they make any outfit look. I might gift this one to myself if it ever goes on sale... I'm a little tight on money right now.

3.  Kenzo KZ 3144 C01 Cat Eye Sunglasses
I'm still on the hunt for my perfect pair of sunglasses this summer and these seem up my alley. Just the price that seems to be out of range...
4. Playstation 4
I've been wanting one forever. I need to catch up on my much loved RPGs like all the final fantasy games from 13 up and c'mon after hearing the hype and trailers of Destiny, i need a PS4. You can keep a past girl gamer in the past forever :p 
5. Iphone 6 Plus or Iphone 6
Believe it or not i haven't changed my phone since 2012. I'm probably the only person of my generation that doesn't change their phone like half yearly. Anyway have you seen the selfie quality on the iPhone 6? I thinks its finally time for a phone change 

So tell me, what is on your christmas list this year? 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

REVIEW: Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Recovery Gel Cream

Purpose/ Claims:

  • Sealing step to your skincare regimen 
  • Contains 74% snail filtrate 
  • Moisture and protection
  • Reinforces skin homeostasis 
How it can be multifunctional:
  • Place it in the refrigerator and use it as a cooling cream for sun burns
  • Can be used as a sleeping pack
What i thought: 
  • Honestly, i don't think its does anything if used alone
  • I use it after the Snail Recovery Cream by Mizon to seal it in
  • Not sticky
  • Fast absorption
  • Its great as a sealer to your skincare regimen
  • It makes sure everything you put on your face beforehand is absorbed into your skin
  • Great as a relief for sun burns, rashes and pimples
  • I honestly didn't have any or feel any results from using it alone
  • Product runs out super fast
  • Didn't work as a moisturiser, so don't purchase it if you want it mainly for hydration or moisturising purposes
I rate it 2/5 
  • I wouldn't purchase it again
  • Didn't provide any noticeable differences on my skin 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Summer 2014/2015 Trend: Sunglasses

Summer has finally hit Australian shores, and the weather is sizzling and full blown! Its also been quite bipolar; in the day it'll be 40 degrees celsius, then perhaps it'll randomly decide to start storming and raining at night.... Who else has been experiencing this?

The hot and humid Australian weather has opened up beach season, which means a new pair of sunnies! I'll be talking about the most popular designs this year, and those of which i particularly love and are in my christmas wishlist! ;)

The Cat Eye
Thank Audrey Hepburn for revolutionising this style in the 1950s! 2014 as taken a slight spin on this, its more softer, but also still so dominant and feminine.

Tom Ford FT0173 NIKITA 01B

The Round Sunnies
Revolutionised by the 1970s by the hippies, its retro appeal has finally made a comeback!

Celine CL 41052/S Round 12E/5D

This was the style of the 1960s, and where the oversized sunglasses started and still stay to this day! Although it seems to have first appeared on men, it just makes it even more sexy when women rock these. Almost a mysterious, sexy, androgynous vibe.

Ray-Ban RB2132 Wayfarer 6053/71

I cannot express enough love for aviators, perhaps my personal favourite. Do you remember the 1986 Tom Cruise movie "Top Gun"? Yep thats where the trend started and became a massive hit in 2013 and still staying around this summer! They're oversized, sexy and mysterious, whats not to love?

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Large Metal W0879

Now tell me, which is your favourite?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

REVIEW: Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream

Being the most popular snail cream on the market for its price, i expected a lot more then i received! I tried to love this product i really did. I bought this product several months ago, have been religiously applying it everyday and have nearly hit the bottom so i think its time for a review.

Little history of snail cream:
  • Snails and humans share a lot of the same skin elements, in terms of levels of collagen and elasticity
  • Just like our skin, snails produce a serum packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, immune moderators, proteins, co-enzymes and cell- communicating ingredients. These are also the main ingredients of snail cream
  • The Hippocrates, also called the fathers of medicine, were the first to incorporate snails into skin care, especially for inflammation
  • Unlike humans, snails never have imbalances between their elastin and collagen because of their ability to constantly biologically produce something that constantly renews skin

Claims/ Contains:
  • High concentration of 92% snail extract
  • Repairs tired and ageing skin
  • Promotes skin repair
  • Fine wrinkle care
  • Helps wide pores
  • Moisture and nutrition
  • Elasticity 
  • Serves as an anti-bacterial product 

Snail cream has probably been the no.1 hit trend of 2014 in Korea. With so many benefits it claims to provide, why wouldn't it be?


  • Love it! Its very sturdy, and made out of thick amber glass. I am thinking it of keeping the container after for some kind of use, too much quality to throw out


  • Not sticky
  • Dries smooth
  • It feels slightly like mucus? Well what do you expect its snail :p , yet slightly watery at the same time
  • Fast drying
  • Not really any. You can't really notice it and completely disappears once it hits skin
Pros/ What good things it did to my skin:
  • Eliminate redness: I use it right after showering at night and my face is quite red. Once i apply it on, its almost gone and very relieving
  • Brightening: My pimple scars seem to have slowly began to fade 
  • Elasticity: Most noticeable thing I've gained from this product
  • Less pimples: less inflammation and faster healing, also great relief. I especially slab the snail cream on my pimples whenever i break out
  • Definitely promotes repair: my skin is now less sensitive and stronger than ever


  • Not moisturising: don't expect any moisturising elements
  • Does nothing for hydration and dry patches
  • Product is used up very quickly 
  • Patience is the key to results. The results started appearing after over a month of use
  • I think its a bit pricey for the results i got, and the cons above i expected more.
  • All the cons are what i expected to improve the most from this product :( 
  • Maybe my expectations are too high, but i expected heaps more from the raving
  • Won't purchase it again simple i would love to try a different brand
  • Will definitely purchase another tub of snail cream because it gave me positive results, but i will buy from another brand, simple just as i said before i like to try things
  • I do definitely recommend everyone to try snail cream!! Because it isn't a fad that doesn't work, it just needs time and patience to work, but i guess also depends on your skin condition

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

REVIEW: Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing and Moisture Gel

Winter was tough on my skin so became the reason i purchased this product! This is a crazy best seller in Korea and i can see why! The giant tub goes such a long with with such a long way, definitely value for your money! The product lists 8 ways to use this product:

  1. Instant moisturiser for dry skin
  2. Makeup primer
  3. Body moisturising 
  4. Hair treatment, aloe has been scientifically to improve the condition of your hair and scalp, promoting hair growth!
  5. After shave gel
  6. Nail care essence 
  7. Face mask and gel for sun burns
  8. Relax swollen eyes and lip care
I can say the product lives up to the above 8 uses, besides the moisturiser perhaps. Well for me, winter was incredibly drying and nothing i used was moisturising enough during the time. 

I think it worked the best for sun burns! I never get sun burnt but i guess Australian summer weather can be so harsh, i received my first sun burn in years a few weeks ago. this product gives such a cooling relief and temporary sooth to the area!

I have been using this product religiously every day or so for the past few months and just over half is still left! just the tiniest amount goes a long way, i love products like this because you know you get your money's worth!

Overall 4.5/5

Will i repurchase? YESS!

Monday, November 24, 2014

REVIEW: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade and Brow Wiz

I am in love love love!!!! These two products definitely live up to the hype without too much spent!

Brow Wiz
I bought this product in ash blonde/ taupe and it is amazing! I use it to outline my eyebrows.

Dipbrow Pomade
I bought this product in blonde to match my hair right now! I use it to fill in the brows after using the brow wiz.

Both these products are:

  • VERY natural looking
  • even if you have black as hell eyebrows like mine it blends so well
  • very little goes a long way
  • extremely pigmented so once again a very light hand and the finest amount will give you angel goddess brows!
  • worth so much more than the price
These two products are definitely my holy grails! I have to do my brows every day with these now because i feel like its gives so much more structure to my face. They do say brows frame your face! Even if you wear no makeup with only Anastasia on your brows you'll feel 10000x more confident!

Overall: infinity / 5

I definitely WILL repurchase when i run out of these products. These have definitely reached the top of my beauty/ makeup collection! EVERYONE IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR BROWS YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO PURCHASE THESE, ITLL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER ^____________^ 

Just look how great my brows look from the photo above ^_^

Sunday, November 23, 2014

REVIEW: Etude House Correct and Care ( CC ) Cream in Glow

I bought the cc cream in #2 glow because of its 8 in 1multi functions! These are:
  • anti-aging
  • stress relief
  • hydration
  • whitening
  • sun protection
  • tone-up
  • smooth texture
  • luminosity
I bought this to use as a primer under my foundation because the winter weather had made my skin so harsh and dry and because of its SPF 30/PA++ 

Honestly i don't like it. 

  1. Contrary to what it says, it doesn't quite adjust to your skin tone. Well it kind of does but it leaves a white cast that is really noticeable. There are tiny beads in the cream that i guess when blended out with the cream adjusts to your skin colour, but not enough for my tan. I think that was the glow effect or dewiness the product was suppose to promote. Perhaps its because i'm too tanned which is a problem for me when it comes to Korean CC and BB creams, as well as foundation. They don't have my shade. However, i could see how it could work for pale skin tones, it'll blend out really nicely and leave a nice dewy looking finish. 
  2. The product is really rough to spread around the face. you need to apply quite some pressure,            and compares nothing to how smooth a moisturiser is.
  3. Did not provide any hydration to me. It emphasised my dry patches instead!
  4. How did this provide stress relief srsly? It would be safe to say it actually gave me stress =_=
I do think its great in the aspect of neutralising red tones. It lets me feel less conscious about my flaws because it does seems to even out my skin tone.

At the end of the day, i wouldn't purchase the cream again. It didn't match up to half of my expectations.

Overall, 2/5 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

REVIEW: MAC Bronzing Powder in Matte Bronze

My first product from MAC! This bronzer definitely sold me on why MAC products are so popular. The quality of this product is amazing.

It doesn't go on patchy or uneven but very evenly, which has been a problem for me in cheaper bronzers. Looks amazing natural and is super matte. Its perfect for my slightly tan, asian skin tone and doesn't appear orange on the skin at all.

Staying power is crazy, it lasts all day even through my end of day gym sessions when I'm sweating bullets. If it doesn't melt slip and slide around my face at all! This is probably one of two products in my makeup collection i would repurchase, which is amazing for me as i am very picky and love trying new products once I'm finished with one.

This product has definitely been added to my holy grail of makeup products.

I rate 10/10

only con: why do you have to be so expensive :'(

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Favourite Palettes Right Now!

I recently purchased the Smashbox Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette and Two Faced Boudoir Eyes Eyeshadow Palette and seriously, the colours in these two palettes are so amazingly pigmented and beautiful! Mini tutorials for these babies coming up soon ;)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


AHHH i'm so excited! Honestly, i'm not a fan of Girl's Generation or K-pop at all but after watching Jessica's reality show with Krystal, i became such big fans of their personality and fashion. The sunglasses line recently came out and as expected the prices are high but not too unaffordable like most high end brands. I'm very impressed by how timeless, chic yet modern they look and you can see the effort she's invested into designing. Most of the sunglasses designs i had my eye on were sold out unfortunately, but i don't mind waiting for restock. I have also grown to love Jessica's fashion sense during her reality show so i'm the most excited for her actual clothing line to come out! I feel like her clothing line would be on the simple side, classy yet will compliment your silhouette, something that parallels my style.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Blue Makeup = Sexy?

I recently watched episode 17 of Korea's no.1 beauty show 'Get It Beauty'. I have always appreciated both western and eastern beauty, it might be because my culture and nationality coincide with both equally. Sometimes the show inspires me and teaches me, sometimes its almost obvious advertising or common sense and sometimes i end up daydreaming while trying to guess which girl has had her nose done.

There was a segment in this episode about current summer trends in Korea. What appealed to me was when they demonstrated how to wear blue makeup whilst still looking natural yet sexy. I found it interesting because i couldn't imagine the natural or sexy aspect of blue, the only colours i wear are neutrals. Blue isn't something that most people can pull off while still looking natural, bet most of us don't even have blue makeup in our collection right?

The problem with blue makeup is that it can be overwhelming and when worn on the eyes, as it accentuate tiredness associated with dark circle and eye bags.


  • If using a blue eyeshadow, make sure it has a silver undertone, this way it doesn't make you appear like a dark circle queen, plus the colour wouldn't stand out as much as opposed to a bold, bright blue
  • Tight line with a similar colour eyeliner and smudge it out slightly to blend with the eyeshadow
  • If also doing the waterline, use the same eyeliner and set the same silver eyeshadow on top to set the eyeliner and to make it look less harsh
  • Top off with mascara
  • A neutral lip would look best to stay safe, but if your feeling bold, a bright red lip will emphasise the sexiness by 10x 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

This product is the first item i've purchased from Urban Decay. Since the brand isn't available in Australia, and as an avid Ebay bidder, Ebay was the place i sought to. I've always been a vary person and avid researcher so i knew how to spot fakes and waited a very long time for this item to become available at an affordable price which would be similar to the RRP.

The product is beautifully pigmented and the slightest touch goes a long way. The texture is very soft, goes on evenly and not powdery at all. There is no fall out with this product and lasts all days on my eyes. You have got to see the colours in real life, as pictures do not do it justice. I can finally see why Urban Decay is such a raved and loved product.

The brush that comes with the palette is amazingly soft and high quality, and so i would think it would retail for quite a price. Quite surprising actually as i never use the brushes that come with makeup palettes as they are usually extremely shit, such as the cheap sponges they always give you. Honestly the whole packaging and what is included is such great quality, which is something i love from a brand, they've taken into account what appeals to people.

Although the palette is girly and pink based, you can do a very neutral every day eye look with it. I've gotten a lot of compliments with this palette and is definitely worth the price.

Creating an Efficient Workplace in Your Home.

Being a student (like me) or having a job that requires you to work at or from home can be difficult when you don’t have a separate room or work space. I used to study all over the place which in turn, distractions would pop up all over the place. You know, the bed, kitchen, floor, the couch, even the bathroom floor at times (don't ask, I'm weird). Its nice to have a small workplace for your inspirations to come alive, so here are some of my tips in creating an efficient, small workplace in your own home.

Separate Your Work From Your Private Life

That is, a separate area away from your living space. For me I have a separate room just for my studies and work, but before that, my desk would be in the corner of an isolated place in the house. Even placing something like a closet as a wedge between your living space and a wall works. Eliminating your distractions is key!


Place your technology far far away from you! I personally like turning the wifi off, but if i need to use the internet, i have an app on my Macbook called 'Self Control'. There are similar programs for windows users too. It's free and lets you add websites to a list to block for a set amount of time. Until the timer ends or you restart your computer, you'll be unable to access the sites. This way i won't 'accidentally' end up on Facebook, online shopping, youtube for hours instead


If possible, place your home office in front of natural sunlight or at best, work under bright light! This subconsciously creates a more motivating atmosphere believe it or not. Like who loves to work in darkness or under dull lighting! 

Make sure everything you need is at arm's reach

Your textbooks, folders, writing materials, laptops, chargers etc. Have them at the corner of your table or a bookshelf near you. This way you won't be wandering around the house to pick it up and in turn become distracted by something. This way everything is in place and you can get things done faster! 

Tell me, what are your tips for studying or working from home? 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Peak Hour and Breakfast

Oh breakfast, you’re notorious for being skipped and ironically one of the most important meals. If your a night owl or always running for the train like me, you more than likely skip breakfast quite frequently (don’t lie). Sometimes my first meal starts as my afternoon meal, (i know its bad and damaging to my physical health!) but when your running around on a busy schedule all day its hard to fit in what your body is constantly needing. What i have been doing lately to try to kick this bad habit, is partially preparing breakfast the night before.

Chia seeds are an amazing energy booster and keeps you full for hours! (me at least) So what i’ve been doing the night before is to mix some chia seeds in with almond milk (i think the unsweetened vanilla flavour compliments the best), then place it in the fridge to set over night. The next day its turned into a pudding texture and tastes amazing when mixed with some frozen berries and Greek Yoghurt. Best thing is it only really takes 1 min to mix them all into a portable food container so you can eat it on the train or the car! You will feel light, energised and ready enough to take on your day.

  • Take it light and easy! Don’t eat anything that will make you feel bloated or is too heavy, it'll make you too full and sluggish, and you'll end up in a food coma at your desk
  • Simple foods! Nothing that will be fussy because no one has time to be spilling crumbs or dropping bits, especially if you’re usually in a crowded train like me
  • If you feel self conscious while people are surrounding you while eating, opt for foods that don't have a strong smell such as a salad

Don’t let our rushed mornings and busy schedules compromise out health!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

#2 Beauty Net Korea Haul

I love how BeautyNetKorea prices their products to be super affordable + free shipping but I'm always in denial when the prices add up in my basket and i refuse to remove even a few :( Though one of the things that makes me feel better about my depressed wallet is their freebies! A lot of the items in this haul are skincare to reflect how harsh winter has been on my skin. Hopefully these give me back the moisture and elasticity that I dearly need.

1. Evas- Vitamin Hand Cream: Winter Cherry. I love vitamin water so why not try this?

2. Nature Republic- Soothing Gel Moisture Aloe Vera 92%. Feels amazing when applied, so soothing and i feel like it retains the moisture in my skin. It also has such a refreshing and amazing smell.

3. Mizon- All in one snail repair cream. So many raves about snail cream so i gave in, i originally wanted to try the Elisha Coy one but it was sold out on the site and super expensive elsewhere.

4. Mizon- Snail recovery gel cream. Used in conjunction with the snail repair cream.

5. Etude House - Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion Sample 3 kind kit in Magic Pink, Mint and Peach.

6. Aritaum- Honey Melting Tint: Peach Crumble. These tints smell amazing! 

7. Tony Moly BDACATION: This was a freebie beautynetkorea slipped into the package, a BB, CC and foundation all in one? I didn't know something like this existed and am so excited to try it out because it sounds like just my thing!

8. Aritaum- Honey Melting Tint: Strawberry Chips

9. More freebies! They put in 4 mini samples of TonyMoly I'm real Aloe Smoothing Lotion, 6 samples of Etude House Face Conditioning Cream and 2 samples of the same Face Conditioning Cream in the normal type. I was actually contemplating on purchasing the face conditioning cream so I'm so glad they sent gave me these samples to try.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

#1 Beauty Net Korea Haul

My first haul from has arrived. I think it took around 3 weeks, which is not too bad because it was free shipping and several continents away. I ordered the Proof 10 eye primer from Etude House, Holika Holika Jewel Light waterproof eyeliner in amber brown, and Tony Moly Bright Aura CC Cream. They were also quite generous with their freebies, which is what i love about Korean beauty stores!! Cant wait to try all these products out and upcoming reviews. I'm hoping this first post is the start of many.